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Welcome to Valliant Chiropractic Centre in North Bay.

If you experiencing less than normal health at this time, then I encourage you to contact our office to start your journey back to an improved health status.

You will find out why you are unhealthy or in pain and discomfort and it will be explained to you what has to be done to restore normal function within your body. Ultimately, if you are interested in achieving ongoing improved health, then Chiropractic Lifestyle Choices can provide you with the strategies to maximize your health potential.

Our office provides a family healthy care environment. The best time to eliminate spinal health concerns is during childhood development. We have on-site spinal X-ray equipment and the most up-to-date computer technology for assessing your families need for chiropractic care.

Health is Always a Choice

Life With Subluxation (Nerve Interference)
Subluxation Free Life (No Nerve Interference)
  • Abnormal Function
  • Lowered Resistance
  • Less Mobility
  • More Disease
  • More Sickness
  • More Pain
  • More Medication
  • Lower Performance
  • Reduced Productivity
  • Less Focus
  • Less Vitality
  • Normal Function
  • Increased Resistance
  • Greater Mobility
  • Less Disease
  • Less Sickness
  • Pain Free
  • No Medication
  • Greater Performance
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better Focus
  • More Vitality

Chiropractors Correct and Remove Subluxations.

Begin your life today subluxation free - call us at 705-476-1122 for an appointment.







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