Did you know most people feel fine just before they have a heart attack? Do you know why they call blood pressure the ‘silent killer?’ Because you typically don’t ‘feel’ blood pressure problems until it is too late.

Judging your health based on how you feel can be dangerous – why? Everyone has different pain thresholds and different ‘standards’ of what they feel like. Chiropractors base health on how you, your spine and nerve system are functioning. The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” True health is based on so much more than simply being ‘symptom free.’

Chiropractors determine your frequency of adjustments based on how your spine and nerve system are functioning. People continue to seek wellness care from Chiropractors when they demand more from their bodies. People who want to not only be symptom free, but also be physically able to function at a peek level, get regular adjustments as part of their healthy life style.

For instance, in the top picture beside, you can barely see the 2 chairs on the beach. You can see the chairs much better, and the richness of the various colors in the lower picture. You can see the chairs better in the lower picture since there is no interference with your vision. The same occurs with you – when your spine and nerve system are not working at 100%, you can still function; however when your spine and nerve system are working at 100%, you are able to function on a much higher level and experience more of life.

Today many of the world’s best athletes, actors, and people who want more out of life seek Chiropractic adjustments to help them experience the most from life. Several olympic athletes receive Chiropractic adjustments – why? – they know that the difference between Gold and Silver can be 1/100th of a second, and having a spine, nerve system and a body that is working in 100% harmony is key to winning and experiencing life to the fullest!