Meet Dr. Gord Valliant

My objective in this community is to inspire individuals and families to be aware of their innate potential to function in a healthy state. The KEY to achieving this state of wellbeing, is by choosing healthy lifestyle actions and ensuring that their brain is communicating at 100% with all of their body parts. This state is possible when your spine is well-adjusted.”

I have enjoyed 3 decades of practice in this community. I have observed people whose lives have improved significantly when their spines are clear of nerve interference and they are subluxation free.

We use the most up-to-date technology to determine your need for Chiropractic Care. This includes computerized spinal scan equipment and on-site X-ray imaging.

The spinal adjusting techniques I have mastered are safe, gentle and adaptable to your needs. This includes the most advanced of instrument adjusting with the Impulse IQ.

I provide Corporate Wellness and Prevention Programs that focus on the KEY reasons for lost productivity and provide effective solutions to improving companies bottom line by reduced “sickness absenteeism.”

What conditions can Chiropractic help with?

Think about it this way, if you are suffering from headaches, poor immune function, frequent colds, digestive upset, low energy, sleep interruptions, low back pain, sciatica or any other aches and pains, ask yourself this question, “Is it possible that the nerve supply to that body part or system might be interfered with?”

This happens when your spine has lost the protection it provides for your nerve supply, (this is called a Subluxation). So, rather than take drugs to hide the symptoms of the problem, why not consider having your nerve supply restored by having your spine adjusted. This process allows your body a better chance to heal itself naturally.

Visit our office. You will find us to be receptive, friendly, sincerely caring for you and helpful in resolving your health concerns.

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