Chiropractic Tips To Survive Winter

The temperature is dropping, and the damp, cooler weather can mean many things to our bodies. The excitement of winter activities like ice skating and tobogganing begins. For some, there are winter fairs and markets. Others prepare for the holidays and spend time indoors with loved ones and warm blankets. Whatever your winter activity or inactivity, there is always a reason to ensure you regularly visit your us. 

Here are a handful of reasons you should not skip your chiropractic care in the winter:

Brisk Temperatures Cause Many to Be Sedentary

Hibernating is for the bears, not people. It does us a disservice to be ultra-active in the warm months only to undo our fitness all winter. It can take more work to muster up the motivation to get out and exercise. Putting on weight can add extra stress to your joints and lead to difficulties in repairing injuries that can happen when the snow and ice take over. Regular adjustments can help you to remain limber, and we can help you stay on top of your physical fitness. Whether it’s accountability or new ways to move your body indoors, visiting us in preparation for the winter months will benefit your overall health. 

Whatever You do, Don’t Wait for an Injury

Ultimately, the goal should be regular chiropractic visits as a part of your everyday health routine. Being proactive with your health will always be the best course of action. Preventative health care will save you money and time away from work and family and improve your quality of life. Preventative care in place of waiting for an injury is the best health care. We are here to help you with this every step of the way.

A Safer Way to Enjoy Winter

You don’t have to love winter, and you don’t even have to like winter, but we want you to have the tools to be safe and healthy. Whatever your winter activities consist of, even if it’s binge-watching television, we want you to be comfortable and pain-free. Finding ways to fit physical fitness into your days is essential. Finding ways to prevent injuries is crucial if you’re an active winter person. Adjustments (and lots of water) will keep your joints lubricated and moving freely.

If Chiropractic care isn’t a regular component of your care, contact us for a Chiropractic assessment. You wouldn’t drive a car that hasn’t had a winter tune-up (I hope, anyway). Make sure you are putting the same maintenance into your body.

Winter Hiking Tips

Winter is upon us; if you’re like me, it’s an exciting time of year. So many winter activities will require you to be outdoors in the fresh air. However, hiking requires very little equipment and will satisfy the need to move your body with little skill. Going on a winter hike is a perfect way to improve your mood and boost your mental wellness.

Here are my top winter hiking tips:

Let someone know where you plan to hike. Tell someone where you’ll be and how long you plan to be out. Please share your location. It’s unlikely you will get lost, or things will go awry, but it is better to be safe than sorry. It is a quick and straightforward solution, especially when sharing your location and checking in with a friend or family member.

Hike during the daylight hours. With short days in winter, you must plan accordingly. Start your hike early and choose a trail you can complete in daylight hours. Try to find a hike in the sun, as it will be significantly warmer than any other trail. On windy days, look for hikes at lower elevations in the trees to block the moving air.

Keep your electronic devices warm. Your device batteries will run out of energy faster in the cold weather. To avoid losing navigation or your ability to contact others, carry a charger and keep your devices as warm as possible.

Use a wide-mouth thermos or water bottle. Carrying warm liquids and water with you is a must. A wide-mouth container will The cold air is dry, and you can become dehydrated just as quickly as you can in the warmer weather. Remember, you will work up a sweat under all those layers!

Wear layers and have icers for your boots. We all know that layers are a must when spending significant time outdoors in the winter. Layers from your head to your gloves to your socks are great. Hand warmers to prevent frostbite and icers for your boots will allow you to hike safely, particularly when the ground is icy. Collapsible hiking poles are perfect for unexpected icy patches or ice hiding under layers of snow.

Check the weather and trail reports before you leave your home. If there is a chance of snow, you know how quickly the environment and visibility can change. Road and trail conditions require your attention before you embark on your hike.

Ensure your car maintenance is up to date. The last thing you want is to get back to your car for it to either be buried in snow or it won’t start. Does your vehicle have a first aid kit, an emergency kit, and blankets? Is there adequate gas in the tank? Do you have windshield wiper fluid? Your car’s maintenance is as essential as maintaining your body’s ability to take the hike.

Final recommendation – come in and receive regular Chiropractic adjustments. Regular adjustments will allow your body to work optimally, which is the key to preventative care.

Winter hikes are a favourite pastime. Taking in the little daylight we get during this time of year, along with the fresh, is a simple but effective way to prevent becoming sedentary and will provide the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep.

Until next time, I hope these winter hiking tips help. Happy hiking!