How to sleep like a baby, and is fruit always good?

Is It Possible to Eat too Much Fruit? What do you think of as your go-to foods in the morning? Do you grab a banana on your way out the door to work? Sit down for a longer, more nutrient-rich meal? Fruit is certainly a simple choice for many people, whether it’s the main food [...]

How to sleep like a baby, and is fruit always good?2021-11-05T21:05:55-04:00

On Pins and Needles

On Pins and Needles Have you ever sat in an uncomfortable position, then shifted and had an uncomfortable tingling sensation in one of your limbs? Everyone has, but you may not have thought about why that sensation occurs. If you change position and the pressure is removed, there’s no harm, no foul. But when a [...]

On Pins and Needles2021-11-05T21:05:55-04:00

What is Tech Neck and Other Questions

Your Neck Pain Could be Something called ‘Tech Neck’ Yes, this is actually a condition that has become increasingly more common after extended periods of time on the computer, cell phone, and tablets. So, what exactly is tech neck? Tech neck is when the muscles in your neck work too hard when you are looking [...]

What is Tech Neck and Other Questions2021-11-05T21:05:55-04:00

The Most Common Types of Headaches

The Most Common Types of Headaches Almost every person has had a headache once in their lives. Some may be more “memorable” than others, some may even be debilitating; but the common denominator is: they are very common. Headaches become a burden once an individual has to begin taking time off work, or has to [...]

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